Does Smoking Actually Help You Lose Weight?


This is a reason why so many people do not want to give up smoking and will continue to be a reason unless there is greater public education.

Ok, so smoking may slightly increase your metabolism in many cases which may lead to weight loss or maintaining your current weight. But this is a very small benefit of risking your life for. Also, some people think that smoking is an appetite suppressant, but in fact it is not. It does nothing to suppress your appetite so stop telling yourself that.

Often people do not want to quit smoking as they believe that they will get fat if they do. And in general people put on some weight when they quit smoking. This is generally due to withdrawals to the addiction. If this is the case, there are many other ways to lose weight after quitting so consult your doctor or search the internet for other ideas.

So there you have it, smoking can help you lose a little weight, but if you eat well you will not need this assistance from cigarettes and run the risk of getting lung cancer. If you do happen to put on weight after quitting, there are many options to lose weight such as many popular diets, meal replacement shakes, eating healthier, and exercising more.


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