E-Cigarettes Explained


In very recent years, the deadly trend of smoking has been declining. Fewer and fewer people are choosing to adopt a cigarette habit, thanks to increased legislation against tobacco and significant efforts to eradicate smoking altogether. However, as these great strides against a harmful health habit have made progress, new ways to smoke have popped up around the world. Today, smoking can involve more than a traditional cigar or cigarette; with the invention of e-cigarettes and vaping, new types of smoking have grown in popularity and come to replace those old fashioned habits. Yet because e-cigarettes are so new, there is little known about them – are they just as harmful as traditional cigarettes? What effects do they have, and why are they popular? These are the basics regarding the e-cigarette trend.

What They’re Made Of

A cigarette is an easy-to-understand item; wrapped in paper and capped with a filter, cigarettes are nothing more than tobacco and various chemicals. E-cigarettes, however, are much more complex in their makeup. There are three main parts to an e-cigarette: the battery, which powers the device; the cartridge, which holds the liquid to be smoked; and the e-liquid, or e-juice that provides the smoke itself. Together, these three parts build a more complicated and technological way to smoke.

Powered by Their Batteries and More

Every e-cigarette is controlled and used via the battery. Available in many different sizes, the battery powers the entire device, heating the e-liquid and transforming it into the vapor that’s both inhaled and exhaled in this smoking process. These batteries work both automatically or manually, allowing users to activate the atomizer and smoke whenever desired. In addition to the battery and its power, e-cigarettes also contain two more parts that connect to the power source: the cartomizer and the clearomizer. While the cartomizer attaches directly to the battery itself and begins the e-cigarette process, the clearomizer holds the e-juice and works to actually create the “vape” that occurs.

It’s All in The Liquid

Whereas traditional cigarettes rely on fire and smoke, e-cigarettes are all about the “vape” that they create and produce. In order to actually smoke one of these tech cigarettes, it needs to be full of e-juice, or the liquid that will be turned into vapor. Every liquid features a different flavor, containing a different mixture of taste and chemicals. Many also contain tobacco, and are available in three common strengths: high, for heavy smokers; medium, for those who smoke around 20 cigarettes per day; and low, for light smokers. Every e-juice is different, and every one is a different blend of ingredients – and, although higher tech than traditional smoking methods, e-cigarettes and vaping can be equally dangerous to your health.

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6 Dangers Of Smoking


Cigarettes have been around for hundreds of years but it was only in 1830 when they were named cigarettes.

Smoking doesn’t come without side effects. Some side effects are less severe then others but everyone who smokes should know at least the basic side effects.

Besides the obvious negative health side effects, here are some of the common ones:


Let’s face it, smoking is not cheap. And when people smoke a pack or two a day, it quickly eats into your savings or even puts people into debt. Never let yourself get so addicted that you spend all your money on cigarettes.

No One Likes Someone Who Smells Like Smoke

Even smoking one cigarette and make a person really smell of smoke. Most non-smokers do not enjoy the smell of smoke coming from a person and this can have a serious effect on relationships. Perhaps try to chew gum or use mouth wash after smoking a cigarette.

Weight Gain

Many believe that if you start to smoke, you will lose weight. However, it is actually often the case that you will actually put on weight. Your fitness will suffer due to your more limited breathing capacity and could end up in a downward spiral. There are some options for weight loss products in the sources below in case you are one of the people who put on a lot of weight after taking up smoking.

Skin Issues

Many don’t know this but smoking is actually really bad for the skin. These negative effects are caused by both the external smoke from cigarettes and the internal damage they cause. It can cause premature wrinkles, skin blemishes, skin spots, and more.

Increased Snoring

Snoring can often be a result of smoking. And sometimes snoring can be ongoing even after quitting cigarettes. And for those who already snored before starting smoking, they generally snore even louder and longer than before. Snoring can cause major relationship issues.

Shortage Of Breath

Smoking reduces your lung capacity. The longer and more often a person smokes, this effect is multiplied. Unfortunately the only way to overcome this issue is if smoking was given up. There are no pills or even exercise won’t help that much.

If you have any negative symptom’s, you should consult your doctor immediately. Smoking is serious and should be taken seriously. There is no good reason why anyone would start smoking or continue to smoke, why not take the first steps to quit today?


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The Effects That Smoking Has On Your Body

used cigarette

Smoking is one of the many causes of death in the world. Regular smoking can pose various health risks to the different organs of our body. It can lead to many diseases like lung cancer, influenza, pneumonia, coronary heart disease, and other serious illnesses.

Several studies indicated that cigarette smoking can have adverse effect on fertility and reproduction, bone density, respiratory system, heart rate, blood pressure, immune system, and the digestive system.

We cannot disregard the fact that it can cause many ailments, especially cancer of different organs. But let us look at the obvious effects of smoking of the body. These are the noticeable changes in a smoker’s body that we can easily observe.

Teeth & Nail Stains

Tobacco smoking can stain the teeth and the nails, making them appear yellowish. Lips also become darker through smoking. Continuous use of cigarettes can also cause gum diseases like periodontitis. It can lead to bad breath as well.

Skin Ageing

Because smoking decreases the amount of oxygen that enters your skin, it becomes dull and greyish, especially in the areas surrounding the eyes and the mouth. It causes skin to wrinkle, contributing to premature ageing. Smoking deteriorates the quality of the skin adding 10 to 20 years to your actual age.

Weight Loss

Although there is no proven evidence that smoking can lead to weight loss, there are studies that a large percentage of those who lose weight smoke. It often affects taste and appetite, which can result in a change of body weight. Smoking also tightens some muscles and makes bones brittle. It heightens the outflow of energy from the body and, thus, helps lower body mass. This is definitely not a reason to start smoking as there are so many negative health effects that losing weight will be a very shallow win.

Hoarse Voice

Smoking irritates the larynx and the windpipe. These are the voice box and the windpipe, respectively. Majority of those who develop oropharangeal cancer, a cancer that is in the throat part, are smokers.

With the negative effects of smoking on the body, it is never too late to end the habit and avoid it definitely. Not only will it bring back your healthy, glowing look but it will also reduce your risk of acquiring various diseases.

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Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

no smoking

We all know that smoking is really bad for us, but many still do it anyway. So just how bad is smoking? Well, almost all lung cancer cases are caused by smoking, and lung cancer is the leading causes of death from all the cancers. This is massive!

Currently there are around 400,000 people in the US that are living with lung cancer. And not all of these people are old. People of all ages can get lung cancer, generally from the age of 20 and up. And what’s worse is that the survival rate for lung cancer is around 17%.

So how do you know if you are on the track to lung cancer? Here are some typical symptoms:

Consistent coughing
• Pains in the chest or surrounding areas
Shortness of breath
• Fatigue
• Voice changing and becoming rusty
• Weight gain and high blood pressure
• Skin changes like as stretch marks or darkening of the skin

If you or someone you know are suffering from any of these symptoms and believe that it is unusual, please go and see your doctor. If you are suffering from multiple symptoms, see your doctor as soon as possible. Especially if you are a smoker. Lung cancer is a serious issue and needs to be treated as one.


About Lung Cancer
Do Something – Lung Cancer

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How To Deal With Snack Cravings While Quitting Smoking


We all know that when we try to quit smoking, we crave more food. But unfortunately we don’t usually have healthy snacks in the house so we resort to unhealthy snacks such as chips or candy. There is another way. A healthier way. Why not prepare some healthy snacks and have them in the house for when they are needed?

Not sure how? Here are some snack ideas for those times you are craving unhealthy foods.


Always make sure you have plenty of fruit in the house. Fruit is easy and quick to eat and tastes great. Keep fruits such as apples, pears, bananas, and perhaps blueberries as a good start. This should be enough of a mix to keep you interested.

Greek Yogurt

It doesn’t seem like many people eat Greek yogurt as a snack. Its simple, just chuck some into a bowl and add some fruit or for a plainer taste, try only adding honey. Both options taste great and really take away the cravings.

Protein Bars

Protein bars are great tasting snacks that can help you keep full and give you energy. There is a catch however, most store bought protein bars have quite a few nasty ingredients so if you are looking for a healthier option for a protein bar, try making your own protein bars. Try some recipes today by clicking on the link next to this or below. You can make a whole bunch and freeze them.

Nuts / Trail Mix

Nuts are a great snack to get rid of those cravings. If you are looking for a little extra taste, try getting the salted or roasted nuts. For those who find nuts a little too plain, have some trail mix. Many supermarkets sell trail mix in bulk so you can get as much or little as you want.

Do you have any other great snack ideas that can be used for when trying to quit? Email us with your ideas today.


Real Energy Food
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Does Smoking Actually Help You Lose Weight?


This is a reason why so many people do not want to give up smoking and will continue to be a reason unless there is greater public education.

Ok, so smoking may slightly increase your metabolism in many cases which may lead to weight loss or maintaining your current weight. But this is a very small benefit of risking your life for. Also, some people think that smoking is an appetite suppressant, but in fact it is not. It does nothing to suppress your appetite so stop telling yourself that.

Often people do not want to quit smoking as they believe that they will get fat if they do. And in general people put on some weight when they quit smoking. This is generally due to withdrawals to the addiction. If this is the case, there are many other ways to lose weight after quitting so consult your doctor or search the internet for other ideas.

So there you have it, smoking can help you lose a little weight, but if you eat well you will not need this assistance from cigarettes and run the risk of getting lung cancer. If you do happen to put on weight after quitting, there are many options to lose weight such as many popular diets, meal replacement shakes, eating healthier, and exercising more.


Meal Replacement Shakes

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